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Laboratory and DNA testing

I can work on creating personalised plans easier than ever. The different tests are all part of my tool box and I'm happy to use them when your case suggests it's necessary. 
My recommendations are science-based and my focus is always to understand your predispositions and suggest a plan that best suits you. I'm also supporting you in making the necessary lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals.
Laboratory tests
I work with different private laboratories to organise necessary tests and find the root cause of your symptoms. As the first port of call, I will always try and arrange lab tests with your GP but often private labs can do tests much quicker and without long waiting times. 
The testing can cover areas like adrenal health, digestive health, reproductive hormone health, vitamin and mineral status, the presence of pathogens, thyroid health, immune health, and much more.
DNA testing
I recommend genetic testing to understand your predisposition to certain things. For example, if you are struggling to lose weight but you feel you are doing all the right things, it is worth checking if you have high fat or carbohydrate sensitivity. 
For athletes, it can be very beneficial to understand their risk of injuries or recovery times. It can also be that little extra knowledge which can help in achieving better results. 
DNA testing can also be used for preventative reasons in individuals who have high risk of certain diseases that ran in their families. 
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