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Sports performance diet

As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, I first assess your health, just as I do on any other initial consultation, and then I start working with you to maximise your wellbeing and optimise your performance. Inappropriate nutrition can play a part in not achieving your goals, having sub-optimal performance and recovery. It is important to provide energy for your muscles in the right form and to focus on your health at the same time.
For sports nutrition needs I work from Kentish Town and Shoreditch clinics.
A Balanced Diet
A balanced diet that consists of carbs, proteins and fats in the right proportion, specifically tailored for you, can make that difference you were looking for to enhance your performance.

A nutritional plan can help you:

  • to optimise your body composition
  • to increase your performance
  • to reduce your recovery time
  • to manage your weight
  • and many more.
Hydration needs hugely vary among individuals as it depends on the person, the type of exercise they do, the weather, the body composition, the gender, etc. Drinking the appropriate fluids in the right amount can make or break a performance when every second counts. 
Understand more of the type of fluids you need to drink to perform better. My plan will suggest different type of drinks, depending on your personal needs. 
Training and event needs
In order to make the most out of your training, we can determine what type of foods to eat before and after exercising. Your objectives will be different pre-exercise to those of post-exercise. Pre-exercise you should be focusing on getting enough good quality fuel in the body to make the most out of your training session. Post-exercise it's important to facilitate muscle repair and maximise overall recovery. 
If you are competing then you know that your body needs different type of nourishment throughout a training period, during a competition and in the recovery phase. It doesn't matter if you are competing in an endurance type sport or if it's a resistance / strength based one your body's needs will change.   
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