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I am lucky to have helped many people reach their goals. From triathletes taking on the harder challenge of the IronMan, through to men and women struggling with stress or digestive issues.

  /// Dorita, Pilates instructor at Pilates with Dorita

"I came to see Viktoria with the aim to work on my energy levels and to eventually feel better through a regular diet. In terms of energy levels, I feel diet and her suggested lifestyle changes helped a lot. I found it is much easier to stick to a plan having someone pointing out the dangerous/bad habits. I thought most of them weren't affecting me at all, but I was wrong. I went from doing a lot of power exercises, like HIIT to do yoga and I started to lose weight and body fat at the same time and regained my energy."

/// Camilla, Photography agent and producer

"I have been working with Viktoria since January 2017. Her holistic approach is excellent and the advice she has given me and changes she has made to my daily diet have had a very positive impact on my training and racing performances. The changes have also improved my recovery after sessions and from day to day and from week to week. I feel so much better for following Viktoria's plan and I will continue to do so!"

/// Daniel Bingham, Hampstead Triathlon Club         coach and multi Ironman Triathlete

"I consulted Viktoria when I found out I was moving abroad. Even though the decision was mine and I was extremely happy about it, I suffered from high levels of stress and bad sleep. I also had bad stomachaches. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2010 and stress can be pretty bad for my condition. Moreover, I don’t eat meat so needed some advice in order to have a balanced diet at a time that was not favourable for it. Viktoria suggested some food supplements and recommended various meals that would be rich in nutrients and contribute to a healthy and peaceful transition phase. The plan was very easy to follow and I had a lot of fun discovering new recipes and tastes. The symptoms faded away quickly and I’ve kept many of her pieces of advice, that I continue practicing, such as my green smoothie in the morning.

Viktoria listens to everything you tell her and really considers your whole life experience, not just one symptom. She looks at causes and tries to take it from the root. Fully understanding how your body works, helping your mind relaxing and better managing life’s challenges definitely is her strength and I highly recommend consulting her to experience a better quality of life and introduce a healthy routine to your life."

/// Marianne, Digital Manager 

"In my life I was always known for my ability to juggle many tasks and push myself to the edge, taking as many challenges as I could at the same time. Almost a year ago as I was suffering from the consequences of a severe infection as a sleep deprived and mentally and physically exhausted mother of two young boys, I felt that I needed some support from a nutritionist's side to get back at least closer to my old self. When we started to work together with Viki, is was not a fast track back to my normal energy level, but a steady and solid improvement that gave me back my self-appreciation slowly in all aspects of my life. Thank you so much Viki!" 

/// Sofi, Architecht, Mother of 2 young children

"I can't thank Viki enough for changing my lifestyle for the better! As someone who always ate healthily, I was unsure whether seeing a nutritionist would make a difference. I was so wrong! Viki's warm personality and approach inspired my trust and gave me assurance from the first moment. She asked me what I would like to improve in my diet and although the goals I set were not linked to each other, Viki managed to come up with a great plan that had a positive impact overall and helped me reach my targets. I now feel healthier than ever and I am positive that the changes I made in my diet will stay with me. Highly recommended!"

/// Mary, Marketing Coordinator

"I had a stomach ache for months when I decided to consult Viki. I could barely eat and it seemed like all food made me sick. After following Viki’s recommendations I started to feel better immediately. Viki’s plan included not only food but lifestyle advice as well, which helped me a lot. I am surprised how quickly I recovered. After a three months diet, I feel well again and I learnt how to stay healthy. Thanks to her I can eat again and I don’t have stomach problems anymore. Highly recommended!"

/// Adrienn, Curator

"Viki prepared me an individualised nutrition plan to strengthen my immune system. Thanks to the continuous consultations and support I became more conscious of my food and vitamin choices. She helped me with improving my daily eating habits that fit my lifestyle. As a result, I feel the positive impact on my health and how I feel every day. In addition, she is a very positive and emphatic person, I highly recommend her services –  Many thanks Viki!!"


             /// Reka, Start-up founder

“The nutrition plan and the recipe suggestions helped me to enjoy thinking about food again. I like to plan what I am going to cook and it’s not a chore anymore. I hardly ever think about sweets now and by eating more regularly during the day I don’t feel the need to reach for sweets and biscuits. I feel more balanced overall and even my colleagues noticed it.”    

                                                                                                                                                                      /// Rebecca, Accountant

"I considered myself healthy when I contacted Viki but had gastrointestinal and skin issues that I wanted to manage. Our sessions were very informative. She is very knowledgeable and has a whole person approach. Although my food choices were not unhealthy she highlighted areas for improvement. Her recommendations were easy to implement and made a difference to how I feel. Not only did I get great advice but I felt supported and encouraged. Thank you, Viki for the health wisdom!"


                                                                                                                                                                    /// Gabi, HR Professional

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