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Eat to perform

We all have different physiologies. Sports nutrition is about supporting the athlete to get to their personal best with the help of food.
If you’re an athlete or someone who has made the decision to start exercising on a regular basis, you should consider a personalised nutrition plan on your list of priorities. 
With the right nutrition, you can perform better, recover quicker and train more
I work with several triathletes and cyclists through my partnerships with Hampstead Triathlon Club and Giant Camden Team Liv

"I have been working with Viktoria since January. Her holistic approach is excellent and the advice she has given me and changes she has made to my daily diet have had a very positive impact on my training and racing performances. The changes have also improved my recovery after sessions and from day to day and from week to week. I feel so much better for following Viktoria's plan and I will continue to do so!"

//// Daniel Bingham, Hampstead Triathlon Club         coach and multi Ironman Triathlete

Sports performance diets
Specific sports dietary and supplement needs for preparation, racing, recovery and overall health may be required.
My services involve getting the right balance between your dietary needs for everyday health and also taking into account your sports requirements and ensuring you maintain the energy and hydration levels the sport requires.
Sports DNA, Supplements and Lab tests
As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, my priority is to suggest natural foods that are right for your body. This doesn't ignore science or genetics. Rather offering healthy alternatives to processed, packaged foods. 
I use health and genetic testing to ensure what I recommend is based on your needs and has proven capabilities to best serve you. I always cross-check potential interactions between medications and supplements and make my recommendations accordingly or refer you to a GP if there are any potential health issues that could arise.
Your Plan
Any change to your diet, supplemental changes and general food behaviours are brought in a phased approach. This can require coaching, a kitchen detox and helping you make decisions on healthy shopping and dining habits. I provide ongoing nutrition coaching to help you make the right decisions and follow your personal plan.
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