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My systems approach helps tailor plans for hormone related issues, such as adrenal fatigue, over or underactive thyroid, endometriosis, PMS, heavy or irregular periods, if you are considering coming off the pill, if you have PCOS, if you are having trouble to conceive or if you are post partum.
Initial consultation
Before our consultation, I will send you a health questionnaire and a three-day food journal to fill in and email back before your appointment.

Your first visit will take 75-90 minutes and we will discuss all aspects of your health. This time will be important in determining the potential root cause of your health issues such as food intolerance, lifestyle, stress or diet. I will ask you to bring along any recent tests and current medications you are on. 

It may be that I recommend further tests to be done by your GP or alternatively I can arrange private lab tests as well. If you are interested, we can do you genetic testing to understand your predispositions towards diet (e.g. you might have a high carbohydrate sensitivity that could prevent you from losing weight) or you might have issues with detoxification, which could potentially result in hormone related issues. Private lab tests and genetic testing are an additional cost.
Your plan
After the consultation, I will undertake a personalised health evaluation and you will receive a comprehensive therapeutic plan. After arranging for you to have laboratory tests, for example for food intolerances, adrenal stress test or a hormonal panel, I will analyse results and form a plan personalised to your needs.

It will consist of recommendations to your diet and lifestyle and possibly supplement suggestions of extra vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in order to help you to reach your health goals. If you do not want to take supplements, then I am happy to work with dietary changes only.

The plan will also include how often I recommend further consultations and the goals for each stage of the therapy.
Keeping you on track
I will suggest having follow-ups in order to best implement these changes. This could involve weekly or bi-weekly short coaching calls or meetings to create a strategy for the implementation of changes together and to tackle any potential difficulties you may encounter. This helps to ensure the success of the plan. The number of occasions we will need to have a follow-up session is based on the complexity of your case, which I will understand better after our first consultation. 
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