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Balanced hormones, balanced life?

A lot of my female clients in their 30s and 40s are working very hard to give their very best at work and at home. They are pushing the boundaries and not unsurprisingly, they are exhausted. They wake up tired, do the chores tired, go to work tired and sleep while commuting with open eyes. Here are a few of my suggestions to address these issues:

1. Plan and prioritise – can that washing wait? Could someone else take Jimmy to sports class? Could you do batch cooking during the weekend? Can you delegate more tasks? (Even if it’s not perfect but it will possibly be good enough.) 2. Visualise – how does a healthy, happy you look? Imagine that person every night before going to bed, to the tiniest detail. What does she do? How does she move? What does she wear? The more detailed you imagine your happier, energised self, the easier it’s going to be to become her. I’m not saying it’s going to happen from one day to another but you become what you believe you are. 3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly – when I say regularly, I mean on a daily basis. And not just the odd banana but more fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits. These foods are often called “living foods” because they are whole, organic plant foods and sprouted grains, nuts and seeds that contain the highest quality vitamins and minerals. 4. Drink more water – staying hydrated is really important. The average adult woman is about 55% water. The body needs water to eliminate harmful substances, to keep everything moving, to control the body temperature, to lubricate the joints - the list could go on forever. Naturally, you will have to go to the loo more often if you drink more but think about all the toxins your body is getting rid of each time. When I say toxins, I not only mean pollutants but your excess hormones as well. Everybody has excess hormones, which need to leave the body after they have done their job. But back to water: if you think you need to go to the toilet way too often then you might want to consider putting a pinch of salt in your water to help water retention (best form is the Himalayan salt) or you can try out electrolytes. 5. Keep your blood sugar levels balanced – if you eat a lot of sugary, high carb foods and drink alcohol and coffee, there is a good chance your blood sugar levels are out of balance. The spikes you get after having these foods and drinks tire the body and leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. Eating complex carbs instead of simple carbs and having healthy snacks during the day can make a big difference. Brown rice, sweet potato, lentils and whole grain pasta are good examples of complex carbs. Try them and see if you can notice any difference!

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